Soft tissue lasers have revolutionized the orthodontic field by offering a minimally invasive and highly effective solution for various orthodontic treatments at Lake Country Orthodontics. These advanced lasers have become invaluable tools for our orthodontist. We invite you to call Lake Country Orthodontics at 580-226-2331 to schedule your visit with Dr. George Dula today.

One of the primary applications of soft tissue lasers is in gum contouring or reshaping. By precisely sculpting the gum line, orthodontists can create a more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical smile. This technique is commonly used in cases where excessive gum tissue covers the teeth or when creating space for braces or aligners. Furthermore, soft tissue lasers play a crucial role in managing orthodontic-related discomfort. They can be employed to treat mouth ulcers, canker sores and other soft tissue irritations that may arise during orthodontic treatment, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable experience for patients.

Soft tissue lasers have become indispensable tools in modern orthodontics, enhancing precision, minimizing discomfort, and contributing to the overall success of orthodontic treatments. Their ability to reshape gums, expose impacted teeth and manage oral discomfort makes them a valuable asset in creating beautiful smiles and improving patient satisfaction. Learn how soft tissue lasers in Ardmore, Oklahoma, may become a part of your orthodontic care.

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